Calvary Commission

Mission of the organization
Calvary Commission is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization located on a 186-acre Creekwood Ranch in Lindale. The organization provides religious missionary service and humanitarian assistance in the United States and other countries. Calvary Commission operates an approved institutional ministry within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice and also in other states. It provides volunteer chaplains and Christian training and an aftercare program for approved inmates upon their release. Calvary Commission operates an orphanage and relief distribution centr and churches in Mexico, and has formed the Greater Europe Outreach to provide educational and relief programs in Romania and other Eastern European countries. It operates development programs for indigenous tribes in Mexico and Peru, and operates the chaplaincy program ministry in the prison system in Belize, Central American. CC developed chaplaincy training and certification in Cub and also operates the International Center of Missions, a Bible college formate institute with on-site training in foreign countries to develop missionaries for missions assignments.

Meeting Location
International offices at 15983 CR 4140, Lindale
Dates and Times
Regular office hours, Monday through Friday

List of Officers

Contact List
Joe Fauss

Marty Thomas

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Volunteer Opportunities

Joe Fauss

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